We handle social media marketing end to end - from content strategy, creation and curation, execution and growth - this is the window to your brand and we know how to make it stand out. 

Performance marketing can be the biggest growth engine for any business - we create campaigns that deliver that return. From creative through to full execution, we can handle any budget. 

We create ambassador campaigns with authentic interest and a long-term mindset to deliver powerful reach, engagement and content that can give your brand an edge. 

Our in-house design team is on hand to support all elements of our business as well as industry leading, stand-alone design projects to ensure everything looks as good as it can. 



Social media is now a central part of building a brand. 


Did you know that a brands social media pages are the second highest consulted source when people research a new brand (just behind a website). It is the most important for 44% of people. 


Strong social media, that captures your brand, gives people a reason to follow and makes people want to find out more ultimately gives you: 


- New awareness. 

- Brand credibility. 

- Customer services.

- Customer loyalty. 

- Traffic & conversions.


The key separation here is that we are looking for brand KPIs here - sales and traffic will come, but they are a secondary metric.



The nature of Social Media has changed a lot over the past few years. Somewhere along the line these companies had to make some money and they have devised just about the most advanced advertising solution on the planet. 


Performance marketing is all about showing targeted people some eye-catching advertising, that sends them to a specific web page with the goal of them taking a specific action. 


The key role of performance marketing is Return on Investment (ROI). You need to have an outcome in mind - then we build the strategy to make this a profitable endeavour. 


Brands digital advertising budgets are increasingly moving towards two platforms - Facebook & Google (they now account for approximately 75% of spend) and there is a reason for that - they work.


NB/ The above pricing gives a guideline however we may bill as a % of media spend depending on circumstances. 




The very nature of how we learn about and engage with brands is changing. In today’s age, people are more likely to listen to what people are saying about brands than the brands themselves - therefore it has never been so important to have true brand ambassadors. 


At Spin, we find ambassadors who are relevant to you and will represent you in the best way possible. We aim for relationships with the following characteristics:


- Long term partnerships.

- Authentic influencers & brand fans. 

- High quality content. 

- Transparency in data and relationship. 


This is a powerful way to reach your target market as well as creating top quality content. 

As our packages move from basic through to enterprise, our expert team has more time to spend on each of the above stages - delivering more, better influencers with increased learnings and reach.



At Spin Brands we also have a dedicated design team experienced in adding value to your business through visual design. With members trained in both 2D and 3D design, we are able to work on full projects from start to finish keeping it all under one roof.


Being a small and nimble team we are able to offer competitive prices for a professional service. You'll also benefit from dealing with a real human that understands the challenges that come with design projects who are based in-house so a meeting is always easy to arrange. 



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