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5 Keys to Social Media Success

Every detail of marketing requires you to be consistently up to date and the same goes for social media too! If you’re in that line, knowing the latest trends and usage shifts is imperative. Though we must admit, it can be hard at times to stay on top of things but it’s something that’s needed, especially when it comes to aligning your strategy.

For example, things that you should be aware of are wider marketing shifts, user habits, what tactics are being used the most in marketing strategies, which tools are being developed? Having an awareness of these will help you to cultivate a responsive social media marketing approach.

We found a very useful infographic from internet marketing tool creators, Awario, that gives an overview of the most recent social media marketing trends and shifts for 2019. Like always we wanted to empower you all with some information, so here’s a summary of what we acquired.

Social selling

We’re sure it’s a term that you’ve come across already. But if you’ve not heard of it before, social selling is simply the means by which salespeople use social media to interact, connect and understand sales prospects. It’s the modern way to develop significant relationships with potential customers. If you haven’t adopted this approach already it’s likely that you will be losing your potential customers to the more social media savvy businesses. Here some stats that should give you a greater insight into social selling and why you should utilise it.

⁃ 40% of organisations are planning to or have already adopted social selling

⁃ 53% of salespeople want help in understanding social selling better

⁃ 10% of a working week an average marketer spends on social media

Social listening

Social listening refers to the tracking, analysing and responding to conversations and trends not just around your brand, but your industry at large. It is also a vital component of audience research.

⁃ 90% of social media users reach out to brands and retailers via social media

⁃ 78% of people complaining to brands through Twitter anticipate a response in one hour

⁃ The number of social listening tools is expected to increase by 31% this year.

⁃ Using social listening for lead generation and social selling will grow in 2019

Influencer marketing

If you can remember we spoke about influencer marketing some weeks ago - or ambassador marketing as we like to call it! This type of marketing is a relatively new concept in the marketing world.

⁃ 45% of businesses have or intend to adopt influencer marketing

⁃ 82% of consumers are more than likely to accept a recommendation made by a micro-influencer

⁃ In terms of engagement, micro-influencers are 6.7 times more efficient than macro-influencers

If you’re thinking of venturing into this, it will cost you a bit of cash but the results are certainly worth it. Secondly, it’s important that we add that using micro-influencers can be just as effective (or even more so) than those with a larger following. Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better for your business.

Ephemeral Content

The name is nothing to be confused by, this type of content involves rich visual content (images and videos) that are available for a brief period of time.

⁃ 64% of businesses have incorporated or plan to incorporate Instagram stories into their social media strategy

⁃ 4 out of 5 brands are actively using the stories format

⁃ Stories are growing at a rapid rate - 15x faster than feed-sharing

Social advertising

We’ve also talked about social media advertising in previous posts - guess it goes to show that we’re keeping up with the trends too! The possibilities of reach through this medium are vast.

⁃ 78% of businesses have invested in social planning or intend on doing so in the upcoming year

⁃ 64% recognised a decrease in organic reach and felt the need to extend paid budgets

⁃ 25% of Facebook pages now use a form of paid media

We always love keeping you up to date with the latest trends in the marketing and social media world. We hope that these 5 data-backed social media trends for 2019 (provided by Awario) have served useful. Don’t forget if you need guidance on any of these five areas, get in contact with us. Spin Brands would be more than happy to help your business!



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