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5 Quick Fixes for Followers & Engagement

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

As a social media agency, we’ve perfected the art of growth and engagement.

Some brands come to us boasting huge amounts of followers but little in the way of engagement. They have the audience there, but they just can’t utilise them effectively or create content that makes scrollers want to stop and take note.

Conversely, we’ve also had brands come to us with decent levels of engagement, but they just can’t grow. No matter what they do, it’s the same people their reaching again and again.

Which is better? It’s hard to say, but ideally, you’d have the best of both - steadily growing profiles with consistently strong engagement using posts that people enjoy, want to share, and makes them interested in the brand as a whole.

Not many brands have that - which is exactly why we’ve created this list of the top ten quick fixes you can implement right now to boost both your engagement and your followers.

1. Run Competitions

Competitions are one of if not the best way to boost your follower account - especially if you promote it to your target audience.

Most businesses can expect to see at least 4-5x more engagement on a competition post than on a standard post, and this rises once you put a bit of money behind it to reach a wider audience.

Make sure to include as part of the entry that they need to like the post, follow the page, and tag a friend. That way you ensure more engagement on the post, more followers, and that you’re reaching people who aren’t following the page.

Everyone’s a winner.

2. Be Relatable

This is where restrictive brand guidelines can often hold companies from reaching their full potential.

Nobody wants to follow a brand they don’t connect with, and if you’re talking to them like a company trying to sell them a product, you’re going to come across like a robot. Your social media presence can be different from how you portray yourself on your website or elsewhere because social media is all about being casual, conversational, and more relaxed.

People use social media to escape from their day to day lives. They want to see fun, friendly, and uplifting posts - not more commercial lingo that they’ve been listening to for the past 9 hours at work.

Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries and do something new. Try memes, brighter colours, more emojis - anything that helps you to connect to the person on the other side of the screen.

3. Keep Updating

If you’ve had the same cover photo and bio for the last two years, your profile has gone stale.

Your social media should always be current - focusing on what’s currently happing with your business. New launches, sales, developments, news; when someone from a fresh audience comes to your page, they should have a good idea of what’s currently occurring with your brand without having to scroll through your feed.

4. Get Ambassadors

There are two main ways to get yourself onto the feeds of people who don’t follow you: ads and ambassadors.

Ads can be costly, but done right, ambassadors can provide a very cheap and effective alternative.

Ambassadors allow you to reach a new audience who is similar to your own and provide personable recommendations about your brand. Through this, people begin to trust your brand more and you get social proofing i.e. people see that there’s already an interest in your product/service and are therefore more likely to try it for themselves.

We prefer to use ambassadors over influencers due to the loyalty and commitment they carry alongside the fact that they will often help in return for freebies, keeping the cost down. You can find out the difference in the blogs below.

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5. Use Ads Right

Facebook ads are the most valuable tool we have as social media marketers, but a lot of brands are still getting it wrong.

Here are a few quick tips to boost your Facebook ad game:

  1. Don’t be too specific with your audience

  2. Imagery is the most important, then copy

  3. Always include a compelling CTA

  4. Boost the most engaging posts to reach a larger audience

  5. Listen to the stats, not your heart

If you want to find out more about How to Leverage Facebook for Maximum ROAS, we have a blog about that here.

(Bonus tip No. 6 is to hire the right agency, which you can do by going to or calling +44 (0)20 8789 2061)

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