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Ambassador Marketing: A Moment Not an Impression

Influencer marketing is a relatively new concept in the marketing world, and as a young industry, it is generally concerned with people that are opinionated rather than informed. For that reason, we at Spin Brands like to refer to this area as Ambassador Marketing. This is currently a venture that we are helping our clients with and we wanted to uncover exactly what it is in this post.

The first myth we want to address is the idea that ambassador marketing is about buying impressions - completely wrong! Though this is the case with other marketing mediums. For example, if you’re running a sponsored post on Instagram, you’re aim is to reach as many people as possible. Which means that you’re consequently buying your reach and impressions.

However, the same can not be said for ambassador marketing. As much as you want to create awareness about your brand, there must be a relationship involved. This type of marketing should be centred around the relationship between the ambassador and their followers.

From the content that an ambassador puts out on social media, their followers should be able to have a good understanding of who they are as a person. For example, they should have a good idea of their values, personality, what they stand for and so on. But we have seen far too many times “influencers” engaging in partnerships just for money. Believe it or not, followers can always see through a sponsorship that looks inauthentic.

Even though ambassador marketing can be a paid sponsorship - you don’t want that to be overtly obvious. You want an ambassador that first will be suited to your brand and secondly and then an engaging post about your product or service and how they can relate to it. You want to ensure that there is some sort of background story to the post.

Be sure to observe those that you intend on choosing as ambassadors for your brand. This is because the way they speak (or don't speak) of the sponsorship will also negatively reflect on your brand too.

Secondly, Ambassador Marketing is about showing the audience what they want to see, as opposed to what you want to show them. You may have to think of yourself as the follower and imagine what you would like to see, if the roles were reversed. Moreover the marketing content being produced needs to also be of value to the ambassador themselves, if not, it’s highly unlikely that it will be for their followers.

Likewise, the content should also inspire, entertain and engage the audience. It’s important to remember Ambassador Marketing is essentially more than just the marketing message of your brand and trying to reach as many people as possible with intended posts. Ambassador Marketing is about the making of a special partnership, one where you utilise the voice of the ambassador to captivate and engage with their devoted audience.

Over the short time of its existence, and as rewarding as it can be, Ambassador Marketing can yield great benefits - by putting you in front on an audience that you may have not had access to. However, it’s important not to confuse Ambassador Marketing with other marketing mediums. Once you understand this, and when done right - you will soon realise that Ambassador Marketing is about creating moments and not impressions.

If you are interested in knowing more about Ambassador Marketing and how it could help your brand, please get in touch!



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