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Are Twitter stories on the way?

As a social media agency, we at Spin Brands like to keep on top of any developing social media news, and the latest news on Twitter is that they will be acquiring Chroma Labs, a start-up created by ex-Instagram and Facebook employees. A 7 person team, Chroma Labs was set up for building photo and video editing features.

Chroma Labs founded the Chroma Stories app in 2019 with the sole purpose of enabling social media users to create more visually appealing stories and posts.

For those of you worried the app will be deleted- fret not, it still exists but won’t have any new updates. The Chroma Labs team have commented on the news by saying they’re proud of their work and they look forward to continuing their mission at a larger scale with Twitter. Their team will join the “conversations division” at Twitter where they will work on giving people more creative ways of expressing themselves.

The Chroma Stories app lets people edit their photos and stories using creative editing tools. This could be a massive asset for Twitter as they search for new ways to improve their offerings. With platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram having a multitude of tools to edit and filter images and videos.

One of Twitter’s top priorities at the moment is to improve conversations, as users now have the ability to respond to direct messages with emojis. Even though they have not introduced a story-like feature (... yet?), they have introduced tags and features which are considered camera features. Twitter is currently one of the only social media platforms without a story function.

According to Sensor Tower, The Chroma Stories app only had roughly 37,000 downloads in its time, which is unexpected considering its prime quality. In fact, this may explain why the team decided to join Twitter. By bringing Chroma Labs onboard, they are essentially increasing their value proposition because their current creative tools are limited. Snapchat currently surpasses Twitter from a teen user perspective, so creating better photo options and better flowing content may help them capture this age bracket more effectively.

With the rise of Tik Tok, and Snapchat being popular with younger and older audience alike, it seems the natural next step for twitter to jump onto the photo and video sharing bandwagon. How this will affect the platform, which was originally based on an SMS like service, focusing on short text-based content?

After fears that Twitter was facing a decline in advertising, earlier this month they actually announced their first billion-dollar quarter. Although Twitter has not confirmed what features will be added to the platform as a result of the acquisition, it’s likely there will be more creative tools for users. Whether Twitter stories are on their way or not, time will tell...

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