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Case Study: How We Made Lovehoney's Lingerie Launch The Sexiest Moment of 2019

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

In October 2019 Lovehoney came to us to assist with the launch of a new range of lingerie on their website, the Lovehoney Fierce range.

The range featured wet-look bras, bodies and basques, for a range of body types, helping empower women to feel fab and confident in the bedroom, or rock up their daywear style. All available in base and plus size!

Our task was to help launch the range with a bang, create engagement on posts, raise awareness of the range and brand itself, and ultimately help to drive sales.

Lovehoney wanted to use ambassadors and influencers to broaden their reach and raise awareness of the brand to new audiences. They wanted to become more mass-market and to tackle new issues and conversations in the industry.

Using influencers/ambassadors in order to promote Lovehoney products helped to amplify the Lovehoney voice and brand personality. It was a no-brainer. They would be incremental in helping Lovehoney educate audiences and change the way that the public talk about sexy lingerie. Making big changes around such taboos should help increase sales.

In the words of one of our Fierce ambassadors: FIERCE HAS ARRIVED WITH A BIG SEXY BANG! And Spin Brands were here to help.

Some of the ambassadors and influencers Lovehoney had worked with in the past had a very niche audience, and with this launch, we wanted to reach more people and be more inclusive of different body types and locations. We wanted to show that the Fierce range can give women killer confidence and make them feel sexually empowered.

We reached out to a wide range of influencers whom we thought would be a great fit for Lovehoney, and who would truly represent the brand, and show the Fierce products in a positive and flattering light.

This was no easy task, as it’s a big ask for influencers to share images of themselves in lingerie online, and be associated with an established brand such as Lovehoney. The influencers we worked with were happy to share this content, along with an engaging captions all about body confidence and how the Fierce range made them feel.

The range launched on the 9th October 2019, and we had 16 influencers across the UK and Australia post throughout the day, at times their audiences were most engaged.

It’s true to say the images and captions really were Fierce!

Not only did this influencer campaign help to kick off the range launch with a bang, it also had an impact on Lovehoney’s own social media channels. On the day of the launch, their social media channels combined grew by 1133 new followers. This was compared to the 713 new followers globally their 2018 plus-sized launch the previous year had grown by.

The campaign received:

  • 28 posts

  • 21 stories

  • Potential reach 1.74M



The influencers’ posts had a total of 5,662 clicks and 114,447 engagements. Compared to the 7,848 engagements their plus-sized launch the previous year had received this had grown by 1358.3%!

The total engagement rate of the Fierce influencer campaign was a whopping 15.58%. This is a huge difference when compared this to the 2018 plus-size launch’s engagement rate of 3.37%.

It is worth noting that both of these engagement rates are high compared to the industry standard of 2.1% for Influencers with under 100k following on Instagram (Influencer marketing benchmark report here).

The Influencers’ Lovehoney Fierce posts received slightly higher engagement than their usual posts. The sentiment of the comments on the posts were also very positive. The engagement predominantly came from females, rather than previous launches which received a lot of male engagement.

Overall, some brilliant responses and results for a truly inspiring campaign. The trick is to work with influencers who can become true ambassadors of your brand. They genuinely are a reflection of your brand and represent your image and tone of voice to their audiences, building brand awareness and potentially sales. The more time you spend finding the exact right people to work with, who understand and reflect your vision for your brand, the better their audiences respond to your content.

If you don’t believe us - just ask Lovehoney themselves!

And if you fancy feeling Fierce yourselves, check out their stunning, empowering range!

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