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Content Pet Peeves from Consumers

As marketers, it’s easy to think that our content is great. After all, it is our craft and our aim is to always think of new and creative ways to reach our audience; and above all to publish content that they enjoy.

However, how many of us actually know the type of content that our consumers want to see? Now, we’re sure that got you thinking! But the reality is that sometimes our content can do more harm than good. In a recent study of 1,000 U.S. consumers, Adobe set out to outline what specifically annoys them about content from brands. If you want to keep your audience content, these are the common mistakes to avoid.

Content that is too wordy or poorly written

39% of consumers indicated this as one of their turn offs - we wouldn’t blame them either. As humans, it’s easy for us to make spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, most especially when we are writing larger pieces of content. However, ensuring that you read over content a couple of times before, or getting a fresh pair of eyes to read over it should prevent such mistakes from occurring. Moreover, there is a range of online grammar checkers that would be useful, and also effective as they will help to uncover mistakes that may not easily be seen.

The key is to be clear and concise with your language. Also, bear in mind that consumers want content that is easy to understand and digest. If that is not happening, you’ve already lost their interest.

Content that is poorly designed

Visual content is great for engagement as we all, generally, are visual beings. It is said that people process visuals 60,000 times faster than plain text. On that same note, the study found that 17% of consumers are annoyed at content that does not contain any images or videos. So that gives us great insight into the power that visual content can bring in marketing.

Now, we’re not expecting you to be a creative mastermind and it’s okay if design is not necessarily your forte. Nevertheless, when adding designs to your marketing content you can always get some assistance from a team worker that enjoys design and is also good at it. If this is not applicable, there are graphic design creating platforms like Canva that provide templates for a range of visual content themes.

If you’re hoping for your social media consumers to become your customers, like your writing, your visual material should be attractive too!

Lack of personalisation

Consumers do prefer content that is relevant to a particular question that they may have or a situation that they may be experiencing. Need we say it but it’s important that you bear your audience in mind when creating content - as they are the ones that you hope will read it. Therefore, whatever you publish must appeal to them in some way. If your brand provides relatable and reliable content, consumers will see your brand as a resource for them.

However, can we note that too much personalisation may come across as slightly creepy. The key is to offer an effective solution to their supposed situation - but not so exact that it makes them feel uneasy.

21% of consumers are annoyed by content that isn’t optimised for their device

Optimising your marketing for mobile devices should be an extremely important process in all strategies - as mobile marketing is technically the new normal. Secondly, a significant amount of social media consumption is on a mobile device. Therefore, it is most likely that your customers will come from social media, so it’s only right that you make your website mobile friendly.

Depending on the device, the screen size will consequently vary. Having said that, it’s best to customise content to the different devices that they will be consumed on - making sure everything is clear and easy to read on any device.

As much as it’s vital to know the type of content your audience enjoys, the reverse should also be known too. It may even be useful to have a glance over your content strategies to ensure that you’re not making the above mistakes. Also, you could even make it personal and conduct a survey with your own audience, asking what annoys them about your content. Lastly, remember that if your audience doesn’t like your content, they are more likely not to buy from you.

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