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How We Shutdown a Website By Making Too Many Sales

We’re very proud of ourselves as a social media agency and the impact we can have on a number of businesses in times of need and opportunity.

Therefore, we like to brag a little from time to time.

An online meat brand came to us on a Wednesday, needing everything to be turned around by Thursday, ready to be approved and live on Friday. That meant in 48 hours we needed to learn about the brand, understand their audience, and set up all of the campaigns in the most successful manner possible.

So, we did.

And here’s a little breakdown of how it played out.

We had to turn off the ads on Tuesday afternoon as the website was too overwhelmed with orders, but after the initial gold rush, we’ve been running at a solid 6-8x ROAS.

And it gets even better.

Through talking to the brand, we found that Facebook was only attributing around 70% of total sales. They were doing no other marketing apart from social, and a lot of the ads had long lists of tagging which also leads to the idea of uplift through word of mouth which Facebook won’t be able to track.

Therefore, it’s always important to think about any possible halo effect you may be receiving from your marketing campaigns and wider uplift. Not everyone will buy directly through an ad. Some may see it, wait a few days, talk to a few people about it, and then purchase which Facebook may not attribute- this is particularly true for any brands that also have offline stores where people can see the products in person.

Before they came to us, they weren’t making many sales organically and were struggling to get their name out, but with the surge in online food shopping occurring due to lockdown, they knew it was important to capitalise and build their name.

What have we learned from this experience?

  1. It’s key to act on opportunities as quickly as possible

  2. Being flexible and efficient with ad spend in times of success can reap more rewards than you’d first imagine

  3. Find a hero item, find the best form of creative, and put them together for your best performing ad



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