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Increasing Your Ad Spend? Put It Here Instead

When we say you need to put money into your ads, we don’t mean behind them: we mean into the ads themselves.

It’s easy to pump more money into Facebook so your ads get more eyes, but it’s what the ads tell those eyes that really matters If you look at your ad and go “yeah, it’s alright”, your audience are going to think even less.

Let’s say you’re going to a dinner party and you want to impress a potential suitor. There are lots of good looking people going, they like the same things you like, and you know that given a chance, you could find a partner for life. It’s your time to shine.

Would you:

A - turn up in the same clothes you’ve been wearing all week with food stains and holes?

B - put on your finest outfit, dress to the nines, and spray a bit of that signature scent you save for special occasions?

My bet is on B.

You could be selling the greatest product in the world, but if your ads aren’t interesting or engaging, then you’re not going to get customers.

So, before you start throttling money into Facebook, think about where that’s going to go - what ads will be pushed into the spotlight, and what they say to your customer.

Do they say “hey! Look over here! I’ve got something that will genuinely make your life better!” or do they slither out from under a bridge dripping in slime and don’t even get a chance to speak before your customers are running away?

Ad creative accounts for a whopping 47% of sales contribution. That’s almost half of all your sales being down to your design alone. To put that into context, the brand itself only accounts for 15%. That’s 3x as many sales coming from the design of your ad compared to who’s actually behind them. And actually, other reports suggest that figure could be up to 70%.

Let’s take a look at how good creative can impact your sales.

Let’s say you currently have a CPC of £1 off a £10,000 spend, so you’re getting around 10,000 clicks per month. You revamp your ads now to be more enticing with thumb-stopping design and copy that really entices the audience, and your CPC cuts in half to £0.50, so you’re now getting double the bang for your buck. Plus, because your audience’s first touch point with your brand was a positive one, they’re more likely to purchase. So you not only have a higher level of traffic, but a more engaged audience who you can then use to build your funnel through retargeting, allowing you to scale. Suddenly, that £10,000 is going a lot further, and you can bump up to £15,000, £20,000 or £30,000 over the next few months far more comfortably than you could have before.

A lot of agencies don’t have the ability to design or write copy, which is a problem. Being a targeting whizz without the end product is no good. Your strategy behind the scenes needs to equal your audience-facing output, otherwise, the strategy counts for nothing.

At Spin, we knew this from day one, which is why we have Tropic Studios - our in-house design agency born and based in London. We use them for everything from organic feed curation to ad aesthetic to document design, and with a vast range of experience under their belt, they greet any project with open arms. Lovehoney, MUJI, Purdey’s, Califia Farms, Merrell, Aspinal of London, Candy Kittens, Movember - the list goes on and on.

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