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Jack Of One Trade vs Master of All: Why We’re The #1 Social Agency

If you’ve had any experience with agencies, you’ll know it’s a mixed bag.

‘Agency’ can sometimes be seen as a dirty word, a synonym for high prices and low effort under the guise of expertise.

“We know more than you, so just leave us to do our thing.”

From the outside looking in, there are two clear formats for how marketing agencies stand: tried and trusted, but old and out-of-touch - or young and groundbreaking, but a little too pushy and arrogant.

On top of that, and especially for bigger agencies, you have the reliance on smoke and mirrors i.e. a lot of large words that don’t really mean anything to make it look like they’re smarter than they are, or a lot of ‘meetings’ going on that never seem to bring any results.

“It’s absolutely necessary we have 15 internal calls a week on your time to discuss one simple change.”

Who do you go with? The young and current arrogance or the out of date grandfathers?

Or - do you scrap it altogether and go freelance?

Freelancers can be cheaper, more focused, and generally more dynamic when fitting into your business, but they’re only one person. If they can’t solve a problem, then you’re back to square one.

Also, that’s only one person keeping on top of current trends, new additions, and updated tactics. Social media is a rapidly developing marketing stream with fresh features coming out almost monthly alongside entirely new platforms with different audiences and user interactions.

One person can’t keep up to date with the whole industry.

Rock, meet hard-place. You’ll both be sitting on either side of any brand in desperate need of change.

Well, we’re here to pull you out, but before we delve into our not-so-secret sauce, we want to explain the benefits of an agency.

Agency vs Freelance

The main benefit here is that minds matter, and more minds make more movements that matter.

Now say that 3 times fast.

Everyone at Spin is passionate about social, keeping up to date with new developments across multiple platforms. Individually, we can’t find out about every new update, but collectively we keep each other informed - even about areas we may not be working on personally. This means that as a whole, our business is always on top, allowing us to be reactive and inform the brands we work with around any relevant insights.

We’re malleable to the market because we have more eyes keeping a lookout - something that couldn’t be more important now with the pandemic, the black lives matter movement, and all sorts of waves occurring across social.

Without the knowledge on what other brands are doing, the conversations among audiences, and key updates in the industry and/or world, companies are being forced into silence or mistakes, both of which we’ve been acting to avoid.

Agency vs In-House

“So, why wouldn’t I just hire a team in house?”

That makes sense - you then get the collective mindset, you get the different backgrounds, but you don’t get the cross-brand experience.

We work with a range of brands in a range of different industries day in, day out. Our vision is focused on the entire landscape, not just the road ahead of us.

It’s amazing how many situations that are synergistic with brands across different industries, sometimes happening months ago and allowing us to use those learnings across the board.

Experience matters - not just in terms of how long you’ve been in the game, but how many different situations you’ve been in.

Misconceptions About Agencies

  1. They’re too expensive

We place our prices in the middle ground and pack a lot of punch whilst doing so. Our prices are charged depending on time dedicated to the account, the scope of the work, and the expertise we carry, which is a lot cheaper than hiring multiple employees to do the same job (and most likely, at a lower standard).

  1. They take control

We pride ourselves on building relationships at the speed of the brand we’re working with. If they want us to take the reins, we can do that. If they want to house a more integrated partnership, we can do that, too. It’s not about taking control, it’s about working together toward a more effective and efficient output.

  1. They don’t understand us like we do

That can be very true for a lot of agencies out there. The ‘bad apples’ if you will. The type of agencies who just want to do business with you for the pay cheque, not because they think they can make a difference.

We want to know as much about you as you’ll let us, because that means we can do a better job. We like to act as part of your brand, not an extension of. The relationship should feel synergistic because at the end of the day, we’re representing you to the world, and that’s a big deal.

Why We’re Different

It’s always been the case that you have to be a jack of all trades or a master of one.

In social, this generally means you have organic-focused agencies, performance-focused agencies, and design-focused agencies. You also get some agencies who only work on certain platforms, like Instagram or Snapchat - and they do it well, but as a business, you’re never looking to improve just one singular area of your marketing.

Alternatively, you have agencies that do everything. From organic to PPC to emails to SEO and so on and so forth. Great, you can keep all of your channels in one area, but is the agency as good as the specialists? Are you sacrificing results for convenience? Is the brand a solid 6 across the board opposed to a 10 in one space?

Well, we’re a 10. In every space.

We cover organic, paid, and design all under one roof, and have capabilities in PPC, email, and Amazon. We started as pure-play social, because that’s what we knew best, but have expanded when, and only when, we’ve become confident in other fields. We don’t say we can do something for the sake of a sale, we say we can do it because we can and we will.

Also, when we do something - we’re straightforward about it. We don’t add fat for the sake of looking bigger, we deliver what’s needed and with precision.

While other brands would tear down your house to get rid of a spider, we pick it up and carry it away. No mess, no fuss, just results. And we do it from day 1, not day 30.

We made Spin because we saw a genuine solution to a mass problem. We needed to blend the young, agile, and adaptable side of social alongside the traditional marketing ideas that have been around for years, we needed to know when a fad was a fad or when it’s a brand new trend about to change the game, and we needed to do it all whilst being honest and transparent with the brands that we work with.

So, that’s what we did.



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