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Making Effective Instagram Videos that Stand Out

Now we've talked a lot about written content, effective social media strategies, marketing strategies and the like but we haven't gone into much detail about specific social media platforms and in particular video content. So what better way to start than by looking at the ways that you can make your Instagram content stand out.

In a world where everyone seems to be doing the same thing, or where everything is a variation of another, the task of standing out looks seemingly impossible. As we've always said, video content is a perfect way to increase engagement amongst your followers and is an incredibly useful solution to recovery when customer engagement is stagnant. Also, according to Forbes, "businesses that use video in their marketing plans increase their revenue by 49% compared to non-video users." But this is not just any type of video content, there are a few strategies that companies are using to see tangible results, and we're here to shed some light on them.

1. Use your smartphone and mobile apps to create picture perfect videos

You really don't need to buy a top of the range camera to create high-quality videos, you can do so right from the comfort of your smartphone. The advancement in smartphone technology and the convenience of it all can work well to capture great videos for your business.

There are too also mobile video apps that can perfect your Instagram video content. For example, Impresso is a simple but powerful app that helps individuals to create inspiring videos that will boost their brand. When capturing video content on your smartphone, the app gives you the ability to produce and upload engaging videos (that are of course, of great quality) from your phone to your social media platform. The app also gives its users the opportunity to create eye-catching promo videos - it lets you use both images and videos when doing this.

The app comes with hundreds of professional templates to use - which would save you a lot of thinking time and effort, particularly if videography and photography is not your forte. Impresso also has a very vibrant music library with commercially licensed tracks that can work well to accompany your videos, or you can alternatively use your own.

2. First impressions always count

Year to year, we've seen that the best-performing content on Instagram is those that create interest and intrigue. You may be surprised to know that the highest engaging image on Instagram is an egg (yes, you read correctly) with over 53.5 million likes at the time of writing. It was the egg's initial appearance that prompted the viewers' inquisitiveness to understand the content they saw.

When creating videos ensure the first frame is one that is attention-grabbing as that is the image viewers will initially be greeted with on your Instagram page. However, some mobile apps such as Impresso give users the option to choose the photos that they would like to use as the opening act for their content - a very dynamic and effective concept.

3. Create unique content that matches your brand

The purpose of incorporating video content into your marketing strategy is to increase customer engagement with your brand. The goal is to make sure that your video features your brand's core values - that is ultimately what will make your viewers remember what your brand is about after the video is over. Therefore, it's important that this is clearly emphasised.

One way for your video content to be striking is by using customised fonts, colours and animations. They are a great way to catch the eye and also spark curiosity while promoting your brand all at the same time. Don't worry, you don't have to be a video whizz to do this, there are many video maker applications that can aid you in this process.

4. Let it be the right size

As much as videos can be a powerful and engaging force of content, this can only be so when they're formatted in the correct size. A wrongly sized video is an instant turn off! The same can also be said of images too, we've seen far too many times images with sizing issues and it is annoying, to say the least, and certainly doesn't give off a good look on your Instagram platform. A graphic design creator like Canva is very effective as it provides its users with different image layouts for different social media platforms.

Likewise, Impresso also has formatting options to make your video either an "Instagram story" or an "Instagram feed post". With this, you can also make your videos shorter or longer in length.

We hope that you have been empowered with some great information that will set you well on your way when creating Instagram video content. Where to start? Download a powerful video maker app like Impresso that will take your videos from basic to brilliant. Also, bear in mind your followers and the content that they would like to see from you and ensure this matches up with your values – as well as promoting you as a brand.

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