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Pick a Tail, Not a Tumour: Why Most Agencies Fail

We all know the drill with agencies.

Some hit, some miss, but most feel like a growth on your business. By that, we mean that they feel like outsiders - a hired gun opposed to one of the crew, so you have to sacrifice either:

  1. Brand understanding - because they’re never going to know you like you know yourself

  2. Or time - whilst the agency comes to grips with who you are, how you speak, how you act, and what you stand for

Neither is great, but it's a wound we all have to take to get in the experts.

Or do we?

At Spin, we want to feel like a tail, not a tumour. A tail feels a bit weird, it’s something you’re not used to, but after a day of getting to grips with it, you can suddenly do things you could never do before. As you’re swinging through the trees, you’re not thinking about how strange the tail is, but all the things you can do with it. That’s us.

We’re different - not like the arms or legs you’re used to, but equally attached, always looking for new doors to open or opportunities we can help with.

When we hear about a brand’s experience with previous agencies, it’s clear to see where they’ve gone wrong. The agency either goes rogue or goes hidden, meaning they’re creating campaigns far past what’s possible or ideas that could have been easily executed in-house.

Our mission is to build a commercial and entrepreneurial team of marketers who put themselves in your shoes, developing out of the box solutions that deliver an ROI in line with your wider commercial goals.

We don’t get lost in the hole of creativity and forget how to deliver commercial campaigns, but equally, we don’t get lost in the data and forget the topline commercial KPIs.

We’re the perfect blend of art and science.

Sometimes, though, the tail can be docked. The agency's responsibility is to create something new, something fresh, something exciting that revamps your online presence and takes it to that next level. The brand’s responsibility is to let them do that.

If you’re entering into a new brand-agency relationship, it’s important to provide them with everything they need to execute their job without putting them in a cage. If you want boundaries, hire in-house where individuals can be managed on a more personal level and the creative route can be steered from your office. If you’re looking for an outsider’s input, trust them. If it doesn’t work, then you know that’s a route not to go down, but most of the time, the people who are living the social space every day know what works best.

Trust the process, trust the tail.

If you’re looking up at the trees and wishing you could swing with the best, get in contact with us at

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