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The 5 Step Method to Content Marketing Strategy Success

The 5 step method to content marketing strategy success

If you are in the process of creating a content marketing strategy for your business, you’re in luck. This week’s post is dedicated to you! Even if you are not, it’s never too late to tweak or amend your content strategies. Here’s our recipe for success.

Step one: Set your goals

It’s imperative that before you even start your content strategy, you state your goals. If not, you will have nothing to refer back to once you have implemented your content marketing strategy. You can do this by:

- Pinpointing what you aim to accomplish from your strategy

- Defining your goals using informative statements that bring together definitive and prescriptive aims.

Step two: Distinguish your resources

Whatever you are considering to implement should be based on your capabilities - what you have and what you wish to have. Ask yourself this question: what are the internal and external resources that I need to succeed for this particular goal?

Be realistic and concentrate on the things that are possible to achieve within your strategy, and also the extra resources that will be needed. Here are some pointers:

- What type of software will you need for this strategy?

- Do you have individuals in-house that would be able to effectively create and promote the content? As well as analyse the results?

- Are you making full use of the technology that you have already?

Step three: Measure your customers' requirements

We’ve mentioned many times before that your customers should always be at the forefront of whatever you do. In that same regard, for your content experience to be a successful one, you need to first need to grasp who your customers are and the experiences that they are searching for. You can do this through:

Discovery: you need the find out the language of your customers. What type of information will give them the nudge to make that purchase?

Experience: think about how your customers like to consume information - the topics they are interested in, what format do they prefer them to be in and what devices they use.

Action: consider the elements that will prompt your customers to do what you want them to do next - and also be sure exactly what this is. Note - creativity in the content you produce can go a long way!

Step four: Explain your campaign architecture

It’s not at all as complex as it seems - but it does require a bit of planning and construction. Think about what narrative will steer the buyer? This could be anything from decision-making information to practical information.

Also, opt for a more cooperative approach - we wrote a whole post on ambassador marketing some weeks back. It is definitely a great approach to utilise if you want to get your brand’s name out there. These ambassadors can help tell your brand’s story and some of the pros of this include credibility and distribution.

Step five: evaluate your success and recognise the areas for development

It’s so important that you evaluate your content marketing strategies performance - to see whether or not you are reaching your goals. From this, you can identify the areas that you and your team should put more work into.

The numbers never lie, and when analysing them think about how you can:

- Engage and draw in the right audience for you - on what platforms, at what times? With what message? With which types of content?

- Transform these customers and take them to the next stage - the buying round!

There you have it! Add in these five ingredients and you have the recipe for a successful content marketing strategy that will yield great results.



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