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Times Have Changed – Strategy Tips From The World’s Top Marketers

Different trends, different strategies and vast competitors, the marketing world is always evolving. However, there are some things that have remained the same, one being the mindset characteristics of marketers - and not just any marketers - great marketers. Over the short time of our existence, there are a number of thought patterns that we have observed such marketers share. No matter your field, size of your company or your level in marketing, you can definitely learn a thing or two from those that have achieved significant success. Here are four traits and habits you can adopt from some of the best marketers.

Try something new or do something out of the ordinary

A reason why the greatest marketers are successful in their field is that they’re not afraid to do something new or crazy. What’s the fun in copying what everyone else is doing? It will only make you and your brand average (at best). Dare to be different - even if the idea sounds crazy - try it! Unconventional - go for it! Don’t expect everyone to always understand your plan or vision and it’s also important to not let the opinion of others to deflect your attention. We don’t want to come across too motivational, as that certainly isn’t our field but it certainly is significant for us to empower our readers and marketers with this information.

Many of the great companies we see now wouldn’t have existed if the brain behind them didn’t have the courage to try something new or unorthodox. In essence, be willing to try the bizarre no matter the outcome, this leads nicely on to our next point.

A testing mindset

There really is no use implementing an idea if you’re not going to test it to see how it works. You need to adopt a testing mindset if you’re in the marketing industry - otherwise, you’ll find that you’ll be wasting a whole lot of time, money and effort on your ideas. There are many reasons why marketers aren’t testing, for example, it takes too long, they’re not sure what to test, and it’s difficult to do in their platform. However, the reality is that these are just excuses.

Once you have come up with a marketing idea, the next step is to measure the results - a very crucial part of the process. May we add that when measuring your results it’s best to do so frequently - whether that’s bi-weekly, weekly etc. Not annually - it’s almost impossible to gauge the effectiveness of an idea just once every year. Moreover, analysing data is nothing at all to be intimidated by - it’s essentially looking at your numbers. There are a number of platforms that can help you with that like Google Analytics.

They aren’t afraid to quit (fast)

Don’t be embarrassed to quit if you notice that something isn’t working. However, the keyword here is notice and as we mentioned earlier, it’s all about having a testing mindset. Therefore, it wouldn’t be just to quit on an idea because of your impatience. Your decision should be based on the data (or lack of should we say) that you acquire.

Nevertheless, some channels do require some time to take off. So it’s important to take into account the scope of your idea and nature of your channels when analysing data and deciding what to quit on. Moreover, as obvious as it may sound ensure you are using marketing hacks that are actually “in vogue” and not tools that people stopped using 5 years ago. As the marketing field changes, ensure you keep up with those changes too.

They gauge marketing efforts based on results and act accordingly

The basis of marketing lies in this concept. The top marketing tactics are the ones that get results. These results are usually measured by CTR (click-through rates), conversions, sometimes revenue - your KPI’s may also vary.

Marketers may vary too, some might like to measure input and use that to make their call. You may find these types of marketers asking questions like, “What was the word count? How long did it take to write?” On the contrary, a marketer with a focus on outcomes may be more concerned with data that involves traffic. For example, which article had the most traffic over the past three months? When you recognise what’s performing well - that may be particular articles, audiences, channels, platforms and so on, you can now take full advantage of them. This can be done by promoting them via email, boosting high-performing organic Facebook posts and so on. But whatever you do, ensure that you always test your results.

There are of course many other elements that we could have added. But these are just some of the key tactics that great marketers follow. We hope you abide by them too and that they put you on your way to becoming a successful marketer - thank us later!

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