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Your Design Is Losing You Customers - Here’s How to Fix It

Arguably the two most important influential factors to any social media marketing campaign are targeting and design.

If you haven’t got either, don’t even bother running a campaign. If you’ve got one but not the other, then you can probably make progress in the same way a motorboat without an engine will move forward simply by being pushed by the waves.

But If you’ve got both, then you better buy a bigger bathtub because that money’s not going to swim in itself.

Really, there’s no point targeting an extremely interested audience with creative that looks like it was made by a blind orangutan, and there’s no point having fantastic creative if the audience wants nothing to do with you.

We can help with both (hint hint), but today, we’re going to focus on design.

Ads need to be thumb-stopping. That means when your ad comes up they don’t keep scrolling to see what Becky had for breakfast - they stop and listen to see what you have to say.

How do you do that? With mind-blowing, eye-popping, jaw-dropping design that stands out among the crowd.

Imagine you’re walking down the street to meet your friends, and every 10 metres there’s someone standing with a stack of flyers. Most of them are dressed in casual clothes with adverts made on Microsoft paint, but one is walking on stilts, juggling bowling pins, and blowing fire.

Which one are you going to take a picture of? Which one will you tell your friends about? Which one would you most likely stop and listen to?

Chances are, it’s not Gary from Greenpeace - it’s the guy on stilts doing everything he can to impress you. If he’s gone that far to catch your eye, imagine how much he believes in whatever he’s trying to sell you. If he’s putting that much effort into getting your attention, imagine how much effort he’s put into his product.

That’s what an advert is: a window into your business. If your adverts are lackluster, people will think the same about your brand.

Now, let’s get off the street and back onto social.

Your ad needs to be too good to ignore. Even Facebook themselves say:

“[The visuals are] the most important element of your ad. It's the eye-catching photo or the must-watch video that says something important about your business or product that shows people what you're all about. A great image helps people want to stop and spend some time with your ad.”

And the stats say the same.

Creative is 5.2x as important to sales as targeting and over 3x as important as the brand itself.

Nielson concluded that:

“While the equation today involves several factors, good creative is still the most important element.”

OK. So, now you know how important design is, what can you do about it?

Quite handily, and definitely not the entire reason for this article, we’ve just launched a brand new service offering creative help for social ads.

How does it work?

Our in-house design agency, Tropic Studios, will work alongside our main team so that we have the perfect blend of performance marketing and creative knowledge to create the perfect ad design.

Whether you’re thinking about using an agency to run your ads or have a capable in-house marketing team, design is just as important.

Equally, you need the knowledge behind the design to ensure that it will work. Just making an image that looks nice doesn’t cut it. You could have artwork designed by Picasso, but if it’s not based upon learnings, data, and day-to-day experience, it’s not going to hit the mark.

At the end of the day, marketing design is as much data-driven as it is aesthetically driven - and we’ve got expertise in both.

Head on over to our creative page to find out more, including some examples of our work, the different packages available, and a full scope of what’s on offer.



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