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Everything has to start from somewhere and social started organically.


As a social media agency, we’ve grown used to terms such as “organic social” that may not be household names for other people.


Basically, organic social is what we typically think of when we think of social media. It’s the general posts you see as you scroll through your feed and t’s all of the content you see when you first click on a new profile - and that’s why organic social is so important.

We know that first impressions count, and organic social can speak volumes about your brand. If you’re organic social isn’t on point, then it doesn’t matter how great your product or service is, nobody will ever get to find out because they’ll be turned off by your content.


You can think of organic social like the outfit you wear to a party. If you come dressed to the nines looking fresher than a spring field and wearing your personality on your sleeve, you’re more likely to draw attention, get people talking to you, and get people talking about you.


However, if you turn up without putting in an effort, wearing an unwashed shirt and jeans that have holes in them, people are going to want to stay away. You’re not going to get to show them how great your ideas are or how funny that joke is you heard last week because nobody wants to talk to you. 

As time has gone on, the perception of organic social has slightly dampened as reach has dropped, and engagement is harder to build. Yet, the importance of organic social hasn’t dropped in the slightest - and that’s where many people go wrong.


Organic social is important now more than ever as social media grows in popularity. Social media numbers are rising dramatically, both in terms of time spent and new users. Instagram is now the first go-to source for discovering new brands and finding out more about the brands you already know about.


Organic social is the slightly less filtered version of your other platforms. It’s the place where you can really show off the personality of your brand and push ideas further - it’s the place you can try new forms of content and new ideas for marketing efforts. It’s more playful, more communicative, and more humanistic - and that’s why it’s so successful. Nobody likes a brand they can’t connect with, and organic social is the perfect place for reaching out to your audience and engaging back.

As social media was originally made for connecting people, simply being a brand on the platform can make you feel more personable and accessible, but you still need to make the content you put out enticing

and engaging. 


Once you’ve established your brand and created a community among your audience through organic social, then you might want to think about paid social. Organic social and paid social complement each other like fine wine and cheese. Individually they’re great, but together, they’re amazing. If you want to find out more, click here.


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