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There are two sides to social media: organic social and paid social.


We’re a social media agency who works with both - and we do it well.


But what is paid social? Why is it one of the most powerful tools for marketing? And how does it differ from organic social?

The success of paid social, if aiming for conversions, is generally tracked on ROAS - Return On Ad Spend i.e. how much money you’re getting back versus the money you spend. For instance, if you have a ROAS of 4.3, then that means for every £1 you spend, you’re getting £4.30 back. 


As social media has grown in popularity, it’s also become more of a pay-to-play platform - meaning that in order to get the maximum amount of results, and in particular, a substantial amount of conversions, you need to use ads.


Ads put your brand in front of the people who are most likely to interact with your brand for the outcome you want most - be it purchases, likes, views or whatever you’re after.


The most valuable item we have available to us in the modern world isn’t money or diamonds, it’s data - and Facebook has more data than anybody else.

Paid social is basically direct social media advertising. When you scroll through your feed there will be several posts with a ‘sponsored’ line in the top left and a call to action at the bottom directing you to a web page, app or profile - that’s paid social.


Paid social is incredibly important in the modern age equal to and possibly surpassing most other marketing methods. Plus, as social media is constantly expanding, paid social only becomes more and more important.


Whilst the purpose of organic social is to build brand relationships, a strong phase, and continually engaging content, paid social is more focused toward conversions - though it can be used to increase brand awareness.

When you set up ads, Facebook uses the pool of information it’s collected from every single action that’s been taken on each profile to come up with an idea of what the perfect profile looks like. From here, it then finds the most similar profiles to show your ads to. The more ads you run and the longer you have them running for, the more Facebook learns about what your optimal customer looks like for each outcome, and the better your returns become.


That doesn’t mean you can stick up any old ad and see a wealth of results - there’s real science behind it that we’ve laboured over for the past few years, finding the best tips, tricks, and methodologies for the most optimal results. 


With so much data available at our fingertips, it’s easy to fall victim to paralysis by analysis, and that’s why you need experts like us to navigate through the forest of information to find the exit, because if you go in blind, then you’re just going to get lost.


We find that paid social works best alongside organic social, because prospective audiences will immediately go to your profile to look at the other content you’re putting out, and if it’s not up to scratch, they can easily be pushed away.


If you want to find out more about organic social, make sure to click here.


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